Burr Ridge Middle School Fitness and Auditorium Additions



Burr Ridge Middle School Fitness and Auditorium Additions

Community Consolidated School District #180 collaborated with Studio GC to expand their curriculum at their Middle School Campus. This was achieved by providing flexible spaces that house performing arts, large group instruction, STEAM activities, and professional development with the ability for the surrounding community to use these areas when school is not in session.

The project features a new 220-seat auditorium with full theatrical lighting and sound systems. Directly adjacent to the auditorium is a new fitness suite that doubles as a green room and additional teaching space. On the opposite side of the auditorium was an existing tiered lecture hall that was partially infilled to be a fully accessible music room with new sound-isolated practice rooms to support the growing performance arts.
Interior renovations featured a traditional underutilized library that was transformed into a new learning resource center. It contains all movable furniture and opens to the adjacent STEAM room and sound recording booths. Additionally, a new wood floor and a new exercise mezzanine were added to the gymnasium for the school's growing athletic programs.

Construction occurred while students were in session. Proper coordination was scheduled so that minimal obstruction to occupancy and operations was encountered.

Burr Ridge, IL
Community Consolidated School District 180
Completed Spring 2023
Addition Size
9,355 sq. ft.
Renovations Size
24,125 sq. ft.
Addition, Renovation
Outstanding Project, Learning by Design