Our process is driven by the people we work with and the communities we serve. We believe that building strong relationships yields beautiful design work. The time we invest in collaborative understanding results in thoughtful, well-designed creative solutions.

Our designers imagine spaces that are enduring for our clients' investments. Studio GC has fashioned a process called "Spatial Agility Analysis™" that transforms the practice of spatial development to focus on the evolving necessities and responsibilities of an environment.

Using a “listen first” model of communication, we approach each collaboration with a fresh perspective, tailoring designs to unique tactile, functional, and budgetary requirements. In many ways, we are a vessel to transform clients’ goals, beliefs, and needs into beautiful, functional spaces. To achieve this, we act as creative partners with our clients and stakeholders, assuring an open dialog every step of the way.

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Our Expertise

Our expertise spans over three decades of connecting the dots between our clients’ needs and our vast multidisciplinary knowledge of architecture. Beyond an innovative approach to designing municipal buildings, our true prowess is our collaborative process of turning clients’ ideas into beautiful spaces.

Our long history of designing public spaces gives us a strategic advantage: our public safety work influences our school security designs; our school work influences our public library designs. Our deep understanding of how people exist in these spaces translates to tailored design solutions, and our enthusiasm for leveraging cutting-edge technology supports increasingly great design solutions.