Chicago Ridge Addition 4

Chicago Ridge School Additions & Renovations



Chicago Ridge School Additions & Renovations

Chicago Ridge SD 127.5 and Studio GC successfully navigated severe site constraints to implement a transformative project involving multiple school additions. Phased construction was strategically executed while the school was in session, minimizing disruptions. The additions addressed various needs, including additional classroom space, expanded classroom sizes, and secured vestibules. At Ridge Lawn, the building footprint was expanded by infilling an underutilized courtyard, and double-height atrium corridors were introduced to bring in natural lighting to both new and existing classrooms. While Ridge Central had adequate classroom space, there was a specific focus on creating more areas for small group sessions, conferencing, and one-on-one teaching. The project also centralized the main office and administrative functions, enhancing efficiency, and introduced a welcoming secured vestibule procession. In addition, underutilized locker areas were repurposed to create several small group and itinerant teaching spaces.

Chicago Ridge, IL
Chicago Ridge School District 127.5
Completed August 2023
Addition Size
10,386 sq. ft.
Renovation Size
13,768 sq. ft.
Addition, Renovation