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Watertown Public Library



Watertown Public Library

Built in 1907, the Watertown Public Library shared many of the challenges of Carnegie-era libraries. The classical façade was pleasing but accessibility, flexibility, access to natural light and a right-sized children’s area were all lacking. Previous additions provided some improvements but library staff still struggled to provide modern services from an outdated library.

Studio GC devised a modernization plan and assisted the library with a successful referendum. The expanded and remodeled library opened in summer 2022 to overwhelming public acclaim. Our design team worked hard to create a library that retained the best parts of the historic structure while providing up-to-the-minute library services. The re-envisioned library now provides a range of experiences from the historic reading room to a colorful and engaging children’s library to an edgy teen space. Everybody in the community will find something that is the perfect fit for their library needs.

Watertown, WI
Watertown Free Public Library
Completed January 2022
Addition Size
15,085 sq. ft.
Renovation Size
26,440 sq. ft.
Addition, Renovation