01 Woodridge PD

Woodridge Police Department



Woodridge Police Department

Studio GC and the Village of Woodridge collaborated to bring to life the first step of a 27-acre development. This became a consolidated campus for a new salt and municipal storage building, police station, and a future public works facility. The 32,000 SF new construction responds directly to the operational, and administrative, philosophies of the Chief and staff. It houses a holding area, police officer amenities, inclusive locker rooms, administrative offices, and increased storage spaces. It also is heated by a new geothermal heating and cooling system. While the public works facility is a future effort it is important that it was planned for correctly. Studio GC had to evaluate salt storage structures, coordinate intently with our civil engineers for complicated needs, and evaluate the site for vehicle access and operations.

Woodridge, IL
Village of Woodridge
Completed November 2023
Police Size
32,000 sq. ft.
Salt & Storage Size
14,000 sq. ft.
Public Works Size
Estimated 72,000 sq. ft.
New Construction